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Tyler Perry's Sistas TV show on BET: canceled or renewed for season 8?

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New romances and old tensions take center stage in the seventh season of the Tyler Perry’s Sistas TV show on BET. As we all know, the Nielsen ratings typically play a big role in determining whether a TV show like Tyler Perry’s Sistas is cancelled or renewed for season eight. Unfortunately, most of us do not live in Nielsen households. Because many viewers feel frustrated when their viewing habits and opinions aren’t considered, we invite you to rate all of the seventh season episodes of Tyler Perry’s Sistas here. *Status Update Below.

A BET drama series, the Tyler Perry’s Sistas TV show stars KJ Smith, Ebony Obsidian, Mignon Von, Novi Brown, Chido Nwokocha, DeVale Ellis, Crystal Renee’ Hayslett, Trinity Whiteside, Chris Warren, Joi Symone, Branden Wellington, and Stal Stowers. The series follows a group of single black women bound together by their long-standing friendship. These five ladies — Andi (Smith), Danni (Mignon), Karen (Obsidian), Sabrina (Brown), and Fatima (Hayslett) — go after what they desire and handle the blows of life with resilience, determination, and the support of each other.

What do you think? Which season seven episodes of the Tyler Perry’s Sistas TV series do you rate as wonderful, terrible, or somewhere between? Do you think  Tyler Perry’s Sistas should be cancelled or renewed for an eighth season on BET?

*4/16/24 update: Sistas has been renewed for an eighth season on BET.

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