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Power Book II: Ghost TV show on Starz: canceled? renewed for season 5?

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Tariq has serious choices to make in the fourth season of the Power Book II: Ghost TV show on Starz. As we all know, Nielsen ratings typically play a big role in determining whether a TV show like Power Book II: Ghost is cancelled or renewed for season five (in this case, we know season four is the end). Unfortunately, most of us do not live in Nielsen households. Because many viewers feel frustrated when their viewing habits and opinions aren’t considered, we invite you to rate all of the fourth season episodes of Power Book II: Ghost here.

A Starz crime drama series, Power Book II: Ghost stars Michael Rainey Jr., Mary J. Blige, Cliff “Method Man” Smith, Gianni Paolo, Woody McClain, Lovell Adams-Gray, LaToya Tonodeo, Alix Lapri, Larenz Tate, Caroline Chikezie and Michael Ealy. LightSkinKeisha recurs. The show begins with Tariq St. Patrick (Rainey Jr.), a freshman at Stansfield University with a bright future ahead of him. He would be the embodiment of his father’s dreams if not for the double life he’s living. In the fourth season, new alliances have been formed with each faction and Tariq and Brayden (Paolo) must find a way back into the game. But Brayden starts flirting with a new, reckless lifestyle, leaving Tariq to wonder if there really is room for two at the top. With Monet (Blige) left for dead, Davis (Smith) facing potential disbarment, and Effie (Lapri) looking to secure her future at Stanford, everyone’s on their own. Diana (Tonodeo) and Dru (Adams-Gray) continue to question their roles while Cane (McClain) levels up and starts working with Noma (Chikezie). As Noma is fighting to establish her business in the States and keep her daughter Anya (Winbush) in line, she finds her way on Tariq and Brayden’s radar. With the fate of his future in the game and his family at the forefront, Tariq must reconcile his past to rise to the top of the food chain and become who he needs to be to protect those he loves most.

What do you think? Which season four episodes of the Power Book II: Ghost TV series do you rate as wonderful, terrible, or somewhere between? Do you think that Power Book II: Ghost should have been renewed for a fifth season on Starz?

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