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Another great guest this week as we our joined by our resident TV critic, Kristen Baldwin from Kristen is a multi-time guest on this show who’s always a great conversation because of her extensive TV knowledge having covered it for so long. We talk about the upfronts this week, the Golden Bachelorette (before Joan’s announcement happened), new shows for the fall season, Cobra Kai and much, much more. Before that, I briefly discuss what’s on today’s Daily Roundup and both of those transcripts are below. A lot to get to today as there’s tons of TV talk going on. Lala & Katie’s feud, Harrison Butker being a moron, Survivor’s penultimate episode, and finding out last night I have another indirect connection to someone on reality TV. That’s two in a year when I can’t remember ever having any connection to any contestant on ANY show ever before the last year. Weird. Anyway, enjoy today’s podcasts.

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(SPOILERS) I begin by talking about today’s Daily Roundup topics – Joan as Golden Bachelorette says one thing she won’t do, Lala/Katie feud, Harrison Butker a moron, & Survivor’s penultimate episode. Then Kristen joins me (10:57) to talk about TV upfronts this week, the Golden Bachelorette changing their day and time, network TV vs streaming and where we’re headed, new shows for the fall, our inevitable Cobra Kai talk and much, much more.

(SPOILERS) Your Daily Roundup covers Golden Bachelorette Joan names one thing she won’t do, the Lala/Katie feud, Harrison Butker puts his foot in his mouth, and Survivor penultimate episode with another shocker.

You can listen to that podcast on a number of platforms, but you can also tune in here:

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Music written by Jimmer Podrasky
(B’Jingo Songs/Machia Music/Bug Music BMI)



You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality. Steve podcast. I’m your host reality. Steve. Thank you all for tuning in on this Thursday show for you. I’m going to talk about what’s upcoming on the weekly podcast. We’ve got a statement from Joan, our new golden bachelorette, who says there is one thing she will not do for the winner of her upcoming season.

More on the Lala and Katie feud. Both have spoken about it since that reunion show. Harrison Butger. Yes, it’s a sports related, but it’s also Travis and Taylor related. And I’m really interested to see how this plays out now. And then I’m going to talk about survivor last night. Another good episode, a fourth straight episode of somebody getting sent home with an idol.

I don’t know if this is great gameplay or some people are idiots. I don’t know, but it’s really making for good television. And I just found out last night, I have an indirect connection to somebody on this show. We’ll get to all that momentarily. So let’s start off with this coming up in a couple of hours is podcast number three 91 with Kristen Baldwin from EW.

com. We recorded this Tuesday, about four hours before Joan was announced as the golden bachelorette. So when you hear us talk about the golden bachelorette, we just talk about it as ABC has announced when it’s going to be, when it’s going to air, which we know is Wednesday nights and the fact that it’s going from an hour.

Hour to an hour and a half. And it’s leading into Abbott elementary. So we get into that aspect of it and just television in general, a lot of stuff to talk about with Kristen. She’s always a great conversation to talk about television upfronts, Cobra Kai comedies, network TV versus streaming, a lot of stuff.

We go over in today’s episode. You’re really going to like it. Speaking of the golden bachelorette, our woman, Joan did an interview. And she actually did say one thing that she is not going to do for love. I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that. And that means that Joan will not leave her family.

So she ain’t moving. It’s going to be really interesting because just like we had the whole Gary and Teresa thing, and it’s seemingly, they couldn’t agree on where they were going to live. You know, I don’t know the age of the men that are going to be on Joan season. For Gary, they made sure every single woman was over 60.

Joan is 61. Does that mean her men are going to be from 45 to 60? Are there going to be, are they all going to be over 60? Are they going to be 50 to 70? We don’t know yet. I think you’re still going to run into the same issue. People at that age are pretty much set in their lives. They don’t want to pack up and just bolt and go somewhere and live somewhere else.

She lives in Maryland and she basically said in an interview with CNN, I’ll never leave my family. They’re the most important people in the world to me, obviously. And I would expect that to be the same for the person I end up with because family is so important to me. That would have to be a key part of their personality.

And she says she’s certainly not packing her bags and leaving her family behind. Maybe eventually you’ll figure out a destination that would work for you and your families, or have another house where everybody gets together. That was actually the first question Gary asked me. We sat down first time together and he said, You live in Maryland, I live in Indiana.

How do you see something like this working? My answer to him was, and still is my answer, I think you almost have to have a dual life. Are they going to cast 20, 25, 30 men who are all interested in having a dual life? Probably not. They maybe will cast two or three of those guys. So that’s going to be a big deal.

And even if she does choose somebody who says it, you just never know when it comes to reality TV or people just saying things on television that they think the other person wants to hear or think that America wants to hear. I guess we won’t know until this airs, but the fact that Joan is putting it out there early, I think is good.

I just don’t think it’s going to lead to a very successful courtship in the future. And that’s without not knowing who any of these guys are. Maybe they will find a, a diamond in the rough here. I don’t know. But at that age, gosh, even if she found someone and pick someone that was like 50, I’m guessing he doesn’t want to pack up and move.

So. If she is going to get remarried, I would think they would have to live together if she wants to be remarried. And I think she does. So someone’s going to have to move and she’s just already laid it out there. I’m not leaving Maryland. Sorry. So I guess we’ve got to find somebody who is going to move.

And are you going to find somebody at that age who wants to move? I don’t know. Time will tell. It’s still early. We don’t know. I want to talk a little bit about Lala and Katie, because this has obviously become a big thing since the other two episodes. Night on episode one of the reunion show part one of the reunion show and You heard what Lala said on the reunion show basically before the season started, she got on a conference call with Katie and a producer and she basically outed Katie for saying that Katie was one kind of bothered by the fact that Ariana took off and did Broadway without really giving her a heads up and was complaining to Lala about the fact that we’re opening up the sandwich shop.

She’s always gone. I’m making the payments on this. And also, apparently, said some things in regards to why she’s still living with Sandoval. So Katie took to Instagram, I think it was yesterday and wrote this I’m someone who has suffered from imposter syndrome for as long as I have known myself, hence why I was apprehensive about opening the sandwich shop on my own.

So when Ariana was going through an only a world of hurt, but also getting some amazing opportunities, That changed a lot of things during a pivotal time. I was extremely sensitive to what she was going through, but also very supportive. I was also dealing with immense insecurity about what I could take on and simply did not want to put that on her.

I had an emotional response that didn’t feel appropriate bringing to her front door. So I went to where I felt safe or where I thought I was safe until I could find the appropriate conversation to have with Ariana, which of course I did. And we have had plenty since. So I get what she’s saying, but she didn’t deny that she had the conversation with Lala, where on part one of the reunion show, she was like, Lala, what are you talking about?

What do you mean? I didn’t say that statement right there basically said, yeah, I did. I told Lala. I just didn’t think Lala was going to out me on the reunion show. So it doesn’t change the fact. You might not like Lala, but Lala was telling the truth. Like she had this conversation with me. She was upset.

So Katie can’t play both sides. And it sounds like she is. And it sounds like, and I’m not like siding with, Oh my God, Katie, you’re a horrible person and Lala’s right about everything. No, but I think in this particular situation, Lala’s just saying, look, before the season, you said this to me and you were complaining to me about Ariana, whether it’s because you wanted to confront her with it or not, you did tell it to me.

And then I see filming start and you basically acted the complete opposite. So I get what Lala is saying. And I understand what Katie is saying, but Katie can’t deny. That she said those things pre show because she had a chance to, and in that statement, I just read you that she posted on her Instagram story.

She never denied anything. She just said, well, I took it to somebody cause I didn’t feel Ariana needed that on her shoulders. Yeah, I totally get that. But you still, you still said it. And on the reunion show, you made it seem like you didn’t. So that’s all I’m saying. I think Lala has a point there. And the thing is with our, with Ariana and, and, and at least with Katie, I think Katie is kind of like what Lala said.

She’s a truth teller. And Lala is very well aware of anybody that says anything negative about Ariana right now. Is going to get absolutely destroyed by her fan base because her fan base thinks she can do nothing wrong. And I’m not saying she has done anything wrong. I’m just saying we’ve seen how rabid they are.

It’s no different than what happens in the bachelor world. You say something bad about Tyler Cameron, or you say something bad about Maria or Tayshia or something like that. And it’s just, they just swarm on you. And. There are obviously, that’s what Lala was referring to at the end of part one. She’s basically saying like, look, there are people here that are definitely not wanting to say anything because they know Ariana is well liked by the franchise and by the franchise fans right now.

She’s like America’s darling. So I get it. I get why some of them are just not willing to speak out, but I’m sure some of them are biting their lip. Lala is just the first one really to come out with it. And it’s unfortunate because if you have something to say, you should be able to say it without being crucified, but they don’t know.

You say anything negative about Ariana, her swarm, nothing, she can control completely out of control. It’s not like she’s telling her fans go, go attack somebody who goes after me. No, it’s, this is what this is what it comes to in reality TV now with parasocial relationships. These people think they know everything and just the vitriol they spew at somebody who is critical or says something negative about somebody and.

You know, it’s just they’re being honest. They’re telling their truth. Lala is telling her truth It doesn’t mean she needs to be crucified by Ariana’s fans, but you know, she is right now So it’s a really weird situation, but we get it all the time in reality TV. Unfortunately, I wish people would act differently I wish people would see something online Yeah.

That they disagree with and then just move on with their day. They don’t need to put it out there on Facebook and a comment section on Instagram, in somebody’s DMS and Twitter or Instagram that you can actually, it’s, I know it’s an amazing and just incredible concept, but it is possible to see something online that you 1000 percent disagree with and just keep your mouth shut and move on with your day.

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