Daily Roundup 5/29 – Clayton Echard Trial Thoughts, Brittany Responds On Social Media To Jax & Trolls, Lovers & Liars Finale, & Vanderpump Rules Reunion Part 3

You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality. Steve podcast. I’m your host reality. Steve. Thank you all for tuning in on this Wednesday. Got a lot of things to go over in the Clayton Eckerd, Laura Owens trial, which is coming up on June 10th. Going to talk a little bit about the Valley, including what Brittany said on her Instagram over the last couple of days, Instagram stories going to talk about something I haven’t talked about.

I think since episode one, which is lovers and liars, boy, that one’s going into the garbage. And we’re going to end it with a little Vanderpump Rules finale, part three talk reunion show, part three talk. And we will get to all that momentarily. So as I spoke about yesterday, we’re still about 12 days away from Clayton Eckerd’s trial in Arizona against Laura Owens.

It’s happening Monday, June 10th, 8 45 in the morning. I will be there. Dave Neal will be there. Dave has a camper. He’s going to put it in the parking lot of the courthouse. Dave will not be going into the court and listening to the case. He’s going to be reporting on it live in the camper on his YouTube.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to go in and listen to the case. I probably will, but I haven’t made a full decision just yet. Whatever the case may be, after the trial is over and The judge hands down her verdict. I will go into the camper with Dave and we will spend a lot of time on the live talking about the case and everything.

And, um, you know, obviously we can’t predict what the judge is going to do, but if you have followed along, since this was given a trial date, the judge seems to be pretty, no nonsense. And the judge has not granted. Laura’s lawyers any of the motions that they have filed. I think they’re 0 for 8 So it seems really hard to believe that we’re gonna get down there on judgment day And the judge is just gonna award everything to Laura It doesn’t seem that way but obviously we can’t predict what’s gonna happen But I don’t think the judge the fact that the judge is going to allow the three former exes of Laura’s to testify in a case that normally You know, you would think that would be considered circumstantial evidence.

Like, hey, what does that case have to do with this one? No, we’re not allowing that. This is about Clayton Eckerd versus, Clayton Eckerd versus Laura Owens. And who needs to pay for the other person’s legal fees? This judge is allowing three of Laura’s exes. And I think that’s huge. Why? Because it shows a pattern.

That this isn’t the first time she’s done this. This isn’t the second time she’s done this. This isn’t the third time she’s done this. The fourth time she’s done this. And of course, Laura’s lawyer wanted none of the exes to be able to testify. And the judge said, F you, I’m allowing it. So I’d say that’s a pretty big win for Clayton in this case.

Of course, if you listen to Laura’s lawyer, he just thinks everything against him is just, Oh, formality. I expected that. And you know, it’s just like, can’t ever admit taking the L I’ll be there. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do, but we’re going to be broadcasting a lot that day on Dave’s YouTube channel.

If you’ve been listening to me, but you haven’t been listening to Dave and you’re interested in this case, I guess one thing I could direct you to would be an interview Dave did with the F that podcast. It’s on his YouTube channel or just go to the F that YouTube channel. And it’s about 45 minutes long.

And if you are just somebody that needs kind of a recap of what has happened since may 20th last year, which was the night that Clayton hooked up with Laura Owens and his life got turned upside down after that, I’d say Dave’s appearance on the F that podcast in 45 minutes sums up about as best as you can, all the crazy twists and turns this case has taken, because this has gone way beyond.

Wait a second, Steve. Like, I mean, maybe a lot of you are looking at like, wait a second, Steve. This is going to trial over what? Either she was pregnant or not. I don’t know how to answer that other than to say you have no idea how many twists and turns this case has taken. As I mentioned yesterday, there are documentarians looking into this.

This could end up being a streaming show for people that love true crime stories. There are major outlets that I think, once the verdict is handed down, Is going to take this up. There is an outside chance that a precedent is set when the judge rules on this case. I mean, this is a big deal and regardless of what you think about Clayton, and I know anybody that has probably a negative opinion of Clayton is literally basing it on his appearance as the bachelor, which is very, very small minded of you just to base somebody’s, your opinion about somebody on that.

Yeah, he slept with Gabby and he slept with Rachel and he told them both he loved them. Great. That was two years ago. I think we can get over that by now, considering both of those women are over it by now. And Clayton has agreed he didn’t handle himself well. He was put in a position where he was taken advantage of and while he owned what he did, he has never, he’s actually never made any sort of excuses for what happened.

He’s been through enough. So I think I’m not saying you have to love him and think he was the greatest bachelor. Clayton being the bachelor or not one of the most popular bachelors ever has nothing to do with Clayton Eckert V Laura Owens come June 10th. That’s why you should be able to separate the two.

You shouldn’t have a, well, maybe Clayton deserves this because of what he did to Gabby and Rachel. I mean, please. It has nothing to do with anything. This man’s life has been torn apart, has been ripped inside out. He’s been had opportunities taken away from him because certain people are contacting people that he works with to say, Hey, don’t you know he did this?

Don’t you know he did this? Like it’s bad. So I would hope you’d be a little more open minded. And look, I think 98, 99 percent of the people online actually who have been following Dave and who have been following Megan Fox on this and anything that I’ve. Thrown in there myself and my dealings with Laura.

You’re very well aware that you’re probably on Clayton’s side. I get it, but I’m just talking about people that are Johnny come lately is that are like, wait, that case is still going on. What are they going to trial for? What is the, huh? This was like a year ago. Yeah, actually it was over a year ago, May 20th.

Last year is when they hooked up and it has been hell on earth for Clayton Eckerd since then. So obviously, you know where I stand on this, my dealings with Laura that I shared a lot, probably back in September through November haven’t talked about it as much since then, because as I told you, Dave and Megan Fox are doing such an excellent job covering this.

And I think the coverage of this needs to be on a video medium, which both of them have. Dave has his YouTube channel and for me on audio to. Go over stuff. I just think it’s it’s tougher. It gets lost and I think visually with Dave Showing you court documents reading you court documents Yeah I read a couple of her emails that she sent or parts of her emails that she sent to me But I just think that because so much is going on if you’re not covering it every day chiming in once a week or once every two weeks You’re just missing so much.

That’s why I didn’t do it. But if you want to get caught up on the case and you have not been following daily or weekly, I absolutely would suggest go to the YouTube channel for the F that podcast that Dave went on a few days ago and listen to that podcast. It’s only 45 minutes long and Dave probably talks for about 95 percent of it basically laying out as much as he can of what’s gone, what’s happened in the last.

Year or nine months since the story became public and you will be fascinated because Dave, when I listened to it yesterday, there was stuff that Dave was saying that I was like, man, I didn’t even know that because if you’re not following it every day, why would you? And Dave does so many videos on it and so many posts, I just completely forgot about certain things.

Hell, Dave tells a story in that particular podcast where he brings me up and he brings up the fact that Laura Owens. Well, he calls her Jane Doe. Laura Owens emailed me a sonogram. I didn’t realize I was the first person to get a sonogram from her. Maybe Clayton was on that email and cc’d. I don’t remember, but that sonogram basically started this whole thing because that was the sonogram that I eventually sent to Dave.

To where he did a deep dive on it and realized she had stolen it off the internet from 2015 or 2016. And I’m just like, Oh, yeah, that’s right. I was the one that she sent that to when she was trying to prove her pregnancy to me. And she was sending me her notes from her neurologist who said in her notes, one sentence.

Patient is pregnant with twins and then everything else was about her brain waves and stuff like that. You know what, what the actual neurologist appointment was, but that was her way of somehow thinking that she was proving to me that she was pregnant. And she sent me a video of her, you know, the neurologist notes.

She sent me a video of her dad clearly not in good shape in the hospital rubbing somebody’s belly and she’s saying, look, this is my dad feeling my belly and my child for the first time. And it’s like, why is your head cut off in that video, Laura? Oh, yeah, that’s right. Cause your sister delivered a baby in June of 2023 and you sent me the video of him touching your sister’s belly.

You know, this is what I mean. This woman has told lie after lie, after lie, after lie to me. To Dave, to Clayton, to the courts, she’s lost track of all her lies. And I hope on June 10th, a judge sees that and a judge puts an end to all of this and severely, severely punishes her for what she’s done. Not only to Clayton, but to three other men in the Arizona area.

And that’s all we can hope for. Keep my, for me, just keep my fingers crossed. Hope justice prevails in this case. And it’s penalty that the judge hopefully hands down is more than just, Hey. You owe him lawyer’s fees for the last nine months having to litigate this. I hope it’s a little bit stricter than that.

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