Daily Roundup 5/24 – More Small Details On Jenn’s Season, Liz & Charlie With Interesting Post-Finale Survivor Interviews, The Valley, Brat Pack Doc, Cassie Ventura Speaks Out, & The New Voice Judges

You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality podcast. I’m your host reality. Steve, thank you all for tuning in on this Friday edition. Good show for you. Going to fill in a few little things for Jen’s season of The Bachelorette. I’ll probably put it in a blog post on Monday or Tuesday of next week, because all I’ve been doing is putting it on the podcast and it’s not in written form.

Obviously it is in the transcripts, but in one blog post that specifically Directs you to spoiler. So I want to put it in there, but it’s just little stuff. Nothing major just yet. I definitely want to talk about the post finale interviews for survivor that happened in particular, what Charlie said and what Maria said.

I found very, very interesting. We’re going to talk about the Valley. I finally watched Tuesday’s episode. How about this? You know, I’m fired up for this Hulu documentary coming up on June 13th about the brat pack. I’ve got another thought on the Laura Owens case and the voice has new judges next season.

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Alright, one thing, a couple things I just wanted to point out in regards to GenSeason. I’m getting little things here and there. And Yesterday I said, okay, episode, they were in Auckland when they went to New Zealand, they were in Auckland. I found out that Austin self eliminated. I don’t know when it was, but I heard he self eliminated.

And then I did find out there were seven men in Seattle, which was the episode before Hometowns. Some other things I can throw in there. I do know that episode number two and three, which were in Australia, Both of those were one, one on one and two group dates. That’s pretty standard. Sometimes they’ve gone with the two one on ones and the one group date, but no, they are one, one on one in episode two, one, one on one in episode three and two group dates in each episode.

And like I said, they were in Auckland for when they went to New Zealand. And what was the other thing that, well, I mean, this goes without saying, knowing that there were seven men in Seattle because we know the two one on ones that happened in Seattle. There were not three. There were only two, it was Marcus and Jeremy, both which I posted pictures of, and it was a five on one group date.

That was the one where it was like a call into a radio show. But while I do know the numbers of all these things, I don’t have all the men in each location just yet. So that’s what I’m working on. So one of the things I love when it comes to the Survivor finale is the very next day, Dalton Ross has exit interviews with all five people that usually make it to the finale show.

So yesterday on EW. com, he interviewed the winner, Kenzie, he interviewed everyone else, Charlie. Maria, Ben and Liz. And you know, Ben’s was pretty standard. He’s just like, look, I think I was a little more important out there than the show made it. My edit wasn’t great, but it is what it is. I knew I wasn’t going to get any votes and they didn’t want to hear what I had to say at final tribal.

Liz basically was lying about being a millionaire. She admitted that she was just exaggerating her status. And then for. Kenzie, you know, she didn’t expect Maria’s vote whatsoever. 1000 percent going into final tribal. She said, I don’t have Maria’s vote, but I think I have a chance to get at least four or five.

So to me, the interesting thing was what Maria said and what Charlie said. So this is what Maria said, because the first thing that Dalton asked her was why did you not vote for Charlie? He was your ride or die all season. And her answer was, let me get to it. She said, I went with my head when it came down to that final tribal, actually starting back at the fire.

When I watched Kenzie make fire, there was a look in her eyes, a fierceness in her eyes of a powerful woman who overcame something, and that spoke to deeply to my core. She also said, I’m doing this for me. And if you know anything about my story, my story of coming on the show was choosing me. My story was saying, I’ve put everybody ahead of me, as in motherhood, being a mom, and coming on the show is finally doing something for me.

And so when those words came out of her mouth, I was stunned. And so I was going up the steps at Tribal. Charlie, Kenzie, Charlie, Kenzie, head, heart, head, heart. And ultimately, I chose my heart. And I feel very proud. I was one of five votes, so it wasn’t just me and it killed me not to vote for Charlie. I adore Charlie.

I have the utmost respect for Charlie, but I chose my heart. And then Dalton brought up to her, Hey, Charlie said, you told him, get to the final three so I can vote for you. Her response, I told him, you can see it in the water. I said, if you get there, you’ve got my vote. The thing changed when I saw that fire, it was nothing I saw coming.

It triggered me on an emotional level. It triggered me on a personal level. It went beyond the game. And so, like I said, there is a very fine line between choosing between your heart and choosing between your head. And I could have voted strategically. I could have voted with my heart and I chose to vote with my heart for a woman who wanted to do something for herself for once.

Maria’s response to why she didn’t vote for Charlie. When Charlie was asked, are you surprised Maria didn’t vote for you? This was his answer. He said, it’s really hard to pin down with Maria because for literally the whole last year, she’s pretty much been on message with that. Meaning what she said on the show, saw Kenzie at the firemaking challenge, and that’s what did it for her.

And then he goes on to say, obviously we’ve tried to talk about this and I’ve tried to nurture a friendship as best I could, but yeah. I mean, it’s so up and down with her. Weeks after the game, she called me and told me she regretted her vote for Kenzie. She wished she voted for me. And then she came to visit Boston one time and then was saying, Oh, I can’t have any regrets, so I don’t regret it anymore.

And so I’m really just done with the whole flip flopping of your reasons why. A couple days ago, she texted me and texted me completely new reasons about why she voted for Kenzie that she hadn’t said for an entire year. So I’m pretty much done with that type of guessing game with her. I’ll never know if I’ll get the right answer.

I think I have a pretty good idea in my mind. I think she should stick to her reasons at the aftershow. That’s been the most consistent that she said, but it is what it is. Okay, so that’s some new information. That while Maria has been steadfast of, no, I saw her at that fire and that fierceness and her being wanting to do something for herself, it struck me emotionally as a woman.

That’s fine. If that is her reason for changing her vote and she decided to do that to a guy that she was close to all season, who are we to say that’s the wrong decision? I’m just saying, after hearing Charlie’s answer, I don’t think that’s really her reason. I think that she is covering something up here.

And not maybe not necessarily, maybe covering up isn’t the right verbiage to use, but I do think that there is something about. It’s like one of two things with me that maybe she was a little more hurt about not getting taken on the letters from home reward. Even though she told Charlie right after, Hey, I totally get why you did it.

Or maybe it’s some form of jealousy where, look, if I can’t win, then no one from this alliance is going to win. Maybe it’s something like that. I don’t, I just can’t imagine for the life of me. I know that’s what she said in her answer. But now hearing that she’s flip flopped a couple times on answers that she’s given directly to Charlie about why she didn’t vote for him.

It’s very hard to believe that it was because Kenzie showed fierceness when she was making fire and she said that she wanted to choose herself. Like, what is this? Jenny Garth? Is this Kelly Taylor now? You know, I, you know, I, I’m sure Maria’s a great woman. I’m just not buying this answer. That’s what I’m saying.

A couple other things from the finale that I did not mention yesterday. Liz is just kind of out there. If you read her interview on ew. com, she pretty much plays the part. She definitely seems like she’s a bit out there. Little screw loose. You know, the whole thing with my ligaments are too big for my wrist.

They even ask her Dalton asked her, were you serious when you said you would have beaten everybody? Because it’s like, what show was she watching? And she gave an answer to where she said, maybe that wasn’t the case after I got back to talking to everybody. But I do think I could have persuaded some votes.

I do think I had a case to be made. What she said on television came a lot more strong than that. Like you guys had no chance against me. Like it was going to be eight to nothing that she was going to win votes. I mean, that’s the way it came across, but in her interview, she seemed to back off that a little bit.

But when she said that on the jury, I’m like, what show was Liz watching? This was going to be between Maria and Charlie. And the only way it wasn’t going to be between Maria and Charlie is if neither of them made it to the show. Final tribal. The other thing I want to say about survivor that drives me nuts, and this is my own personal fault is the jury conversation that they have.

Usually it was like everyone got to ask one question, then they’ve changed it into more of a conversation. Let’s talk about outwit outlast and outplay. And this is what I mean, like, this is what I mean by taught by when I cover the show and talk about the show, if I don’t cover it weekly and I don’t do a podcast on it, I’m not like the know it alls.

I’m not like Rob has a podcast where they break down every episode. If you’re not talking about every episode, at least for me, I forget about so many things that happen. So I’m listening to the jury, ask these people questions and I’m listening to Q say, all right. Kenzie, what about when we had this over at Yanu and this and it’s just like going over my head and these people are detailed because they lived it.

They know exactly what they’re talking about. I’m like, wait, when did that happen? Who? Oh, man, I totally forgot about that. Or I didn’t realize this. It’s just every single time the jury questions happen. Tell me a time where you thought that you made a big move in the game. And outside of like obvious ones, it’s usually moves that I don’t remember.

They’re talking about, Oh, how we really got rid of Tevin. I’m like, Jesus Tevin. I remember him, but I don’t remember the whole plan to get him out. I don’t even really remember the whole plan to get Tiff out. I just know she went out with an idol, Soda. I don’t remember her. I, I. I mean, I remember her as a contestant, like I’m talking about the stories behind, Oh, remember when we had this conversation in the woods and you and I got together and we were able to recruit these two?

I’m just like, oh over my head and it and it drives me nuts because I feel like Shit, I watched the whole season. Why don’t I remember any of this stuff? I I think it’s because there are so many many alliances many conversations and If you’re not talking about it every week, it is maybe hard to comprehend.

It’s kind of like big brother. Remember at the end of the season where they always have that trivia game for usually the person to get into the finals and it’s like, Hey. Did this happen in day 37 or day 39? And it’s like, Oh God, I mean, if I’m not talking about it every day or thinking about it, why would I ever remember that?

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