Daily Roundup 5/22 – American Idol Deep Dive On Past Winners, Travis Kelce “No Plans” To Propose, Thoughts On The Sickening Diddy Story, & Vanderpump Reunion Part 2

You are listening to the Daily Roundup here as part of the Reality Steve podcast. I’m your host, Reality Steve. Thank you all for tuning in a good Wednesday show for you. We’re going to talk about something in regards to American Idol that I brought up yesterday. I did a deep dive, found some very interesting things.

Now there’s reports that Travis Kelsey and Taylor Swift are not even close to getting engaged. Found that interesting. I have not talked about this, not going to spend too much time on it, but I do want to give one thought on the P Diddy case. We have part two of the Vanderpump reunion Vanderpump rules reunion show last night.

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Like I said yesterday, I was told that over the weekend, they were going to be filming on Tuesday at Tufts medical center in Boston, Massachusetts. I’m assuming that happened. Have not heard any updates when I do, I will let you know, I still don’t know who the fourth guy that got a hometown date was, we know, obviously it was Devin Marcus and Jeremy are three of the four.

I’ll let you know when I hear about the fourth, none of the guys have gone public yet, but they are accepting followers, which. I don’t even know if they were technically supposed to do, but a lot of them are doing it. So it looks like they’re probably going to wait another two or three weeks. And then once they’re made official as part of the bachelor and bachelorette cast, that’s when all of them will go public.

So yesterday I was talking about American idol. And I was talking about the fact that Carrie Underwood posted a 20 year old photo of her winning her season. And I got to the whole thing about how big a fan I was of season four and season five. And I was discussing it with a guy at work at the time I was working in the mortgage industry and all this stuff.

And one of the questions that I posed out loud was, Because Simon told her after her performance of hearts alone in season four, he told her not only are you going to win this show, but I think you’re going to go on to sell more records than anybody in this show’s history. And I didn’t know if that ended up being the case, but.

I was informed yesterday, sent a link. Carrie Underwood is the biggest selling former idol contestant. Idle winner sold the most albums. She’s at 16. 3 million albums sold. Kelly Clarkson’s number two at 14. 1. What was interesting to me is going down the list and this is all the artists. So. In the history of this show, only 20 artists have sold over 500, 000 albums, which is obviously really good.

I mean, you know, I’m not saying a bad thing, but with all the, you know, 22 seasons, you got basically a top 12 every season. Only 20 have sold over 500, 000 and only two have sold over 10 million. Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. But then I was just kind of looking at it. And I guess this goes for a lot of singers outside of maybe Taylor Swift.

And, you know, kind of the A list singers. But when I looked at everybody’s album, because it has it right there on the Wikipedia page. Album sold first album, second album, third album, fourth album, and however many they release and it shows how many they sold on each one. And basically every single singer, every single person who’s been on idol, the more albums they release, the less popular they get in terms of album sales.

Carrie Underwood went from 7. 4 million and nine time platinum album with some hearts that opening album in 2005. And then her second album sold less than half that still 3. 4 million. And her third album was 2. 3 million. And her fourth album was 1. 8, fifth album, 752, 000 sixth album, 534. Then she actually went up on her seventh album from her six to her seventh for five 34 to six 28.

But then she’s down to two 93 on her eighth album. And her ninth album in 2022 has sold 120, 000. So then I was just like, okay, well, it makes sense. And then I just looked at everybody. Everybody’s sales basically go down after. Their initial album. And like I said, only 20 people have sold over 500, 000 albums.

And there were a couple on here that was surprising to me. I did not know Beau Bice had sold 757, 000 albums. However, his first album that he sold, which came out the year he came in second and idle sold 673, 000. Then he released another album two years later that sold 62, 000 and peaked at 150 on the charts.

And then he released a third album in 2010 that sold 11, 000 albums, peaked at 154 on the charts. And then I looked at some of the other names. I’m shocked. Catherine McPhee never sold 500, 000 albums? Lauren Alaina has not sold 500, 000 albums? Chris Allen never sold 500, 000. He was a season eight winner. You know, a lot of good singers here.

Gosh, I’m looking at some of the names. I’m like, Oh yeah, her. Oh yeah. Him. I mean, there’s a lot. Yeah. I told you only 20 have sold over 500, 000. Only nine more or 10 or nine more sold over 200, 000 between 200 and 500. And then everybody else in the history of this show has sold less than 194, 000 albums.

I mean, they have the top 74 listed, but I, I’m looking at some of these and you remember Cree? Season 12, runner up, Cree Harrison? I thought a lot of big things for her. According to Wikipedia, she sold 900 albums for this old thing in 2016. Ouch. 900 albums? What? Trent Harman, season 15 winner, sold 4, 500 albums in 2018.

Okay. Nick Fradiani, season 14 winner, brought him back for the finale as he’s now doing a Neil Diamond show on Broadway. 5, 000 albums in 2016, topped out at 121 on the charts. Jimmy Allen, wait a second, Jimmy Allen was on the Jimmy Allen that we had the whole thing a bit with last week? Jimmy It says season 11 Hollywood, so I guess he made it to Hollywood week.

No, it can’t be because this guy, just Jimmy Allen, only sold 13, 800 albums. But that’s what I mean. I’m just looking at it. Caleb Johnson, the season 13 winner, sold 24, 000 albums. I’m just, that’s what I’m saying, like, this show obviously has lost its touch. It doesn’t deliver anybody big anymore. I mean, you look at the best singers and the most albums sold.

I’ll read you the top 20 and Look at where their season they’re from. Carrie Underwood, season four. Kelly Clarkson, season one. Chris Daughtry, season five. Clay Aitken, season two. Fantasia, season three. Ruben Studdard, season two. Scotty McCreary, season ten. So he’s the latest so far. He’s seventh with 2. 2 million albums sold.

Kelly Pickler, season five. David Cook, season seven. Phillip Phillips, okay, now we got a season eleven in there. Jennifer Hudson. Season three, Jordan Sparks, season six, Adam Lambert, season eight, David Archuleta, season seven, Gabby Barrett, season 16, has sold a million albums, Mandisa, who R. A. P. had just passed away, 928, 000, Joss Grayson from season two, Taylor Hicks season five, Bo Bice, season four, Elliot, I mean, season five, so really, outside of Gabby Barrett, season six, And Philip Phillips and Scotty McCreary, everybody that has sold over 500, 000 albums was literally definitely pre reboot where they rebooted and they came back with Lionel Katie and Luke Bryan.

Nobody in seasons 15 to 22 have come close to selling over a 500, 000 except for Gabby Barrett. She’s at a million and she was in season 16, but that’s 19 out of 20, basically all before season 10. So it kind of just kind of shows like it just doesn’t have the pull that it does. And, you know, good luck to Abby Carter.

I hope she does well, but the odds are against her. And by the way, as I saw an interview with Abby Carter on Ryan Seacrest’s On air with Ryan Seacrest, is it just me or does Abby Carter look like Caitlin Clark? I totally see it if Abby Carter wore her hair back like Caitlin Clark does during the games I would think they would assist they’d be sisters.

They really look alike. So anyway tangent there It was interesting because I didn’t I had never thought to look at it But then when I looked at these numbers, I’m like wow Everybody that’s done well on this show was years ago outside of Gabby Barrett and everybody’s album once they release a new one goes down and down and down and And They just don’t, they just don’t pull.

There’s no staying power. Even people that sold like over a million in their first go round, Phillip Phillips, you know, he dropped, but his first two albums did sell over a million. Same with David cook. Kelly Pickler went from 1. 5 in her first album to 900, 000. You know, not bad. Scotty McCreary, 2. 2 to 1. 1.

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