Daily Roundup 5/20 – Info On Bachelorette Jenn’s Season, What Is She Filming Tomorrow, Jenn’s Men on Instagram, & American Idol Finale

You are listening to the Daily Roundup here as part of the Reality Steve podcast. I am your host, Reality Steve. Thank you all for tuning in on this Monday. I’ve got some information on Jen’s season. What is filming tomorrow? Give you an update on that. We have some more from the guys on Jen season. I need a little help on something to remind me if I even said something.

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All right, let’s get going. I found out some information this weekend that is happening tomorrow. Let me tell you about it. So I’m Got some information and tomorrow, Tuesday, I’ve been told that Jen is filming at the Tufts Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Where she used to work. I have not been told what this is for just using some sort of logic here.

The only reason I could think that Jen would be filming at her old work is she’s filming her intro video after the season has ended. Why else would she be going there to film? And. It kind of lends a little credibility to the fact that Jen was a last second choice to become the bachelorette, because for the life of me, I can’t think of any lead in the history of the show who didn’t film their intro video before the season started.

I mean, maybe it’s happened. We know they film stuff after the fact, usually it’s ITMs and stuff like that, but to go on location and film at your old job makes it seem like it’s It’s going to be for her intro video. I’ll probably know more on Tuesday or into Wednesday as to what the filming was for, but I know it’s happening tomorrow at Tufts medical center in Boston, Massachusetts, that where that’s where Jen used to work.

And she is filming tomorrow. So keep that in mind. I guess there’s a way to now look at when her intro video airs at the beginning of the season. It’s not like Jen is going to give anything away in her intro video, but maybe there will be some clues in there because this will be the first time someone’s filmed their intro video and the season’s already over.

So she can actually say some things when she films this intro video. Or at least this part of the intro video, and maybe she’ll give a hint to something who knows, or maybe they’re just going to use the footage and she’s already filmed like the voice work for her intro video. So we’ll have to see how it plays out, but that is happening tomorrow in Boston, Massachusetts.

And hopefully I’ll, I’ll get an idea of what exactly they filmed, but I mean, what else could it be? You know, I, I was trying to think of like, okay, well, why would they be filming at her old work? After she’s done filming, it’s gotta be for some footage for an intro package or something like that.

Clearly it’s not going to be a date. Clearly. She’s not going to be with whoever she chose last Thursday. So, filming is over. And one of the other reasons I know filming is over is because, well, at the time of this recording on Sunday night, there are three guys that have gone public. At least that I can see.

Sam McKinney’s gone public. He was public yesterday. So was Jeremy Simon. And so was Thomas Asano. Those three, at least I can see their Instagram pages and I don’t think I could have seen those. I didn’t go and check after the first night, but I think all of them were private, but those three guys, I can see there by, I can see their Instagram pages.

So I’m assuming they’re, but you know, obviously they’re back filming is over, but we all know usually now it was different with Joey’s women. Cause member, they couldn’t, they told Joey’s women, you couldn’t go public until. The official cast list was released through people. com. So I don’t know if it’s changed for this particular season for Jen’s men.

Those three guys though are public or at least accepted me as a follower. I don’t even remember if I requested them. I requested some, but I know I didn’t sit there and go through all 28 when their names and I found their Instagram accounts when bachelorette Facebook page released them before the season started.

I did like maybe 10, 12 of them and I just kind of did them at random. So as of this recording, Sunday night, those three guys are public. I went through a few of the other ones and a lot of them were still private. So I don’t know what the deal is. Usually it will, it used to be. Once the season is done filming, all the contestants can go public and they all usually do it on the same day.

Well then Joey’s season came around last year, and the women couldn’t go public until they were officially announced as a contestant on the show. And I don’t know when we’re gonna get that, we’re still six weeks away, seven weeks away from Jen’s premiere date of July 8th. So, I guess time will tell, but those three guys right now, Sam Thomas Asano, Sam McKinney, Thomas Asano, and Jeremy Simon are all public.

Speaking of Jeremy Simon, last week I was talking about hometown dates, and I told you that obviously with Devin and Marcus being in the final two, clearly they got hometown dates, and I said it looks like Jeremy did. Based on what I had been hearing, but I hadn’t gotten anything confirmed. I did get it confirmed this past weekend.

Jeremy did get a hometown date. So that’s three of the four guys that got hometowns. I don’t know who the fourth guy is. The, and I keep going back to my haircut guy, the guy that saw a bunch of men getting haircuts in Seattle. I still have not seen him identified anywhere else. And he could be the fourth guy who got a hometown.

I don’t know. Nobody else has come to me and like I said, I, I, I don’t want to say the guy’s name because I’m relying on somebody that already got one guy wrong when he said you know, this guy was, well, I can tell you, well, I, anyway, he said, these are the four guys I recognize Jeremy and Marcus were two of them.

And then another one, he said, yes, I recognize him. I said, well, that guy definitely isn’t there in Seattle. I said, what about this guy? He said, Oh yeah, it was him. And then a fourth guy who I have not heard if he got eliminated in Seattle. I have not heard if he made it to final four. And the other thing is I don’t even know if it is him because what if he was misidentified?

So still trying to figure out that fourth guy, but we now know three of the four. Jeremy Simon, Marcus Showberg and Devin Strader. So I think you need to help me out with this. I’m not even sure. Like this is really weird. Have you ever seen this site that pops up and I only see them on Facebook. It’s a site called boss mirror.

com and it’s literally, it looks like an AI site because when you click on the articles, they don’t even have the name of an author. And. I’m, I’m scrolling through my Facebook page yesterday, and I see a headline that says reality. Basically, it says Reality Steve predicts Golden Bachelorette Joan is going to pick Kelsey’s dad.

I’m like, what? I never said that. And so I look at the article, I click on the article and it has a quote from me. And look, I record 11 podcasts a week. I can’t remember every single thing that I say, but this quote doesn’t sound familiar at all. It says, quote, this is me talking according to them. My prediction is Joan becomes the bachelorette and winds up with Kelsey’s dad.

I don’t think it’s going to be a surprise at all. If Kelsey’s dad is on the bat, the golden bachelorette, because Kelsey’s even talked about it. Like Kelsey’s literally trying to talk to her dad into talk her dad into it. So it’s not like he has no interest or what. So ever the fact that she’s even openly talking about it, I would be shocked if Kelsey’s dad isn’t a contestant on the golden bachelorette.

So I definitely believe I said that. I would be surprised if Kelsey’s dad is not a contestant on the golden bachelorette, because she has talked about it publicly. She has absolutely said he is up for it and I would have no problem with it. But at no point did I ever say my prediction is Joan becomes the bachelorette and winds up with Kelsey’s dad.

So I don’t even know where this quote was taken from. And yet. Like I said, this is from boss mirror. com. There’s no author on the article. And when they quote this, usually when you see somebody’s quote, it says what it’s from reality. Steve’s podcast on Thursday is this. I even went through my transcripts on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday last week, the three days that we had where.

The golden bachelorette announcement had been made and it wasn’t, I never said that, so maybe I skipped it in the transcript. Does anybody remember me saying that Joan’s going to be the bachelorette and I, and I, and it’s going to wind up with Kelsey’s dad. I don’t remember saying that, but nice. Try boss, mirror.

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